Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Water Quality Wetlands in Iowa

“Wetlands have something to offer just about anyone, whether you are an avid birder or interested in water quality and conservation, IDALS’s efforts to promote wetland growth in Iowa delivers benefits to all Iowans,” said Wulf. “Participants in this webinar should gain a better understanding of the importance of water quality wetlands to Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy and how these crucial systems impact water quality.”

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Why Do Iowa Farmers Grow Corn?

Modern corn culture came to Iowa with the settlers that moved across the United States. Farmers, hopscotching westward to Indiana, Illinois and Iowa from the valleys of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, brought the agriculture of the Upland South with them- Dent corn and hogs.

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Building Youth Leadership Capacity Through Project-Based Learning

“ The world needs people who can lead others to make a change for the better if anything is gonna change for the better.”

This is a reflection from a Davenport North High School junior, one of the first students to experience environmental science education through a pilot program called “The Watershed Project,” sponsored by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and administered by the Iowa Water Center (IWC).

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