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Advancing water science to meet Iowa’s water resource needs. The Iowa Water Center works with diverse stakeholders to connect scientists and fund and publicize research that addresses Iowa’s most pressing research needs. LEARN MORE

Spotlight Initiatives

The Iowa Water Center makes a statewide and regional impact through the programs and projects we serve. Check out these featured initiatives or go to our initiatives page to learn about other efforts.


Water Scholars

Join our statewide community for water students, researchers, and professionals.

Iowa Water Conference

Check out Iowa’s premier education, professional development, and
networking event.

Daily Erosion Project

View our maps that estimate daily sheet and rill erosion in Iowa and beyond.

Can Traditional Ecological Knowledge Be Integrated Into Modern Cropping Systems to Enhance Soil and Water Conservation?
Getting into Soil and Water 2020 All agricultural cultures, including those of Indigenous peoples, depend on their relationship with soils to sustain their way of life. Soils are not only
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Nitrogen Pollution of Air and Water in Iowa
Getting into Soil and Water 2020   Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for all life. Iowa farmers help ensure their crops have enough nitrogen by growing nitrogen-fixing plants, like soybeans,
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The Economics of Water Quality Policy
Getting into Soil and Water 2020 When one thinks about what a professional in the field of water science looks like, they might envision a biologist, chemist, or other scientist
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The Economic Benefits of Mitigating

Harmful Algal Blooms in Iowa

This two-year project led by Wendong Zhang at Iowa State University is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the economic benefits of mitigating HABs in Iowa

Waves of change over the last ten years.


Want to learn more?

Research guides everything we do at the Iowa Water Center. Check out our funding programs, find an opportunity to apply for, and explore projects on our Research page.

Upcoming Events

  • First Annual Virtual Harmful Algal Bloom Symposium

    The Algal Bloom Action Team is a collaboration of water professionals, researchers, and educators from twelve states in the North Central Region of the United States. Team members include the

    January 6, 2021 @ 12:00 am - January 7, 2021 @ 12:00 am
  • GSA 2021 North-Central/South-Central Joint Section Meeting

    The 55th Annual GSA North-Central Section Meeting and the 55th Annual South-Central Section Meeting will be hosted as a joint meeting in Springfield, Missouri, on 18–20 April 2021. You can

    April 18, 2021 - April 20, 2021
  • Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference

    The Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference is the longest running conference at Iowa State University and is designed for agriculture professionals interested in farm and soil management issues. Due

    May 21, 2021