Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Understanding and Improving Farmers’ Edge-of-Field Perceptions

The Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) conservation webinar taking place May 8 at noon CT will feature Wendong Zhang, Ph.D., extension economist and assistant professor in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Zhang’s research focuses on issues related to the interplay between agriculture and the environment, the U.S. farmland market, as well as the global trade implications of Chinese food and agricultural demand.

In the webinar, “Decoding Iowa Farmers’ Understanding of Edge-of-Field Practices,” Zhang will draw on the outcomes from a recent report assessing edge-of-field (EOF) practice knowledge and adoption to illustrate current EOF practice adoption rates and adoption willingness, perceived environmental benefits, and barriers to adoption among Iowa farmers. He will also offer suggestions on effective education strategies which were shown to be embraced by landowners and farmers—and improved effectiveness of communication and message comprehension.



ILF Webinar: Agricultural Climate Resilience through Water Management and Soil Conservation

This Iowa Learning Farm Conservation Webinar will feature Rick Cruse, professor of agronomy and director of the Iowa Water Center at Iowa State University. Cruse was raised on a farm in Northeast Iowa and has been engaged with Iowa farmers while working at Iowa State University for over 40 years. His research, teaching and extension efforts address management impacts on soil erosion, water and crop production.

Cruse will highlight factors and practices which affect agricultural climate resilience. He will focus on the importance of water and water management and discuss actions including draining excess water, capitalizing on water sourced from shallow groundwater, and maximizing water infiltration and storage through improving soil health.

“Water and water management are the most fundamental components of climate-resilient farm plans,” says Cruse. “We are eager to help Midwest farmers gain a better understanding of the underutilized water resources that they may already have and how those resources can substantially improve their climate resilience.”

Shortly before noon CST, click the link below or type this web address into your internet browser:

Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Prairie Planting Success

In the webinar, “Planning and Planting Prairie: Research and On-farm Experience,” Jackson will draw on the results of field experiments and on-farm studies conducted in collaboration with co-authors Justin Meissen, research and restoration program manager, and Andy Olson, prairie on farms program manager at the Tallgrass Prairie Center, to discuss results of testing for successful seed mix design, planting date, first year mowing and seeding depth effects on the success of prairie plantings.

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Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Disease and Yield Implications of Cereal Rye Before Corn

In the webinar, “What Lies Beneath: The Impact of a Cereal Rye Cover Crop on Corn Seedling Disease Severity,” Matthiesen will provide data and outcomes from a field experiment conducted during 2021-2023 at 16 locations in the U.S. in which the effects of termination timing of a cereal rye cover crop were evaluated.

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A Vision for Iowa: Growing Food for People through Diversified Agriculture Systems

The virtual field day will explore how host Wendy Johnson and her husband Johnny Rankin, started and continue to manage Jóia Food & Fiber Farm with a mission to farm holistically and grow food for people through the use of a diversified agricultural system and direct marketing of meat, grain, wool and other products they are producing.

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