Welcome to the Water Scholars Book Club

At the Iowa Water Center we are focused on disseminating information about Iowa’s water resources with members of the Iowa water community spanning teachers, students, professionals, the general public, and more. One of the more accessible ways to receive information on water resources is through popular print non-fiction books that often top the charts of bestseller lists for science and the environment.

Through Water Scholars, we are hosting a book club that focuses on one book per month for about a six-month series per year. Each month we will explore one book, have a conversation via recorded webinar with a local expert related to that topic, and have a webinar discussion with our community regarding these topics. We will also have a written blog post to discuss the book, pose some questions for your consideration, and assemble resources if you want to further engage with the topic of the book.

Is there required reading? No way.

You are welcome to read the book along with us, but if not, then that is okay, too. We are hoping that this will be a resource that serves you as you have time to engage with these topics.

Current Book

Our next Book Club discussion will be held in May 2021. Check back for more information on our chosen book and date of our live discussion. 

Interested in attending the next Book Club discussion? Connect with the IWC Team today!

What will we do with the rest of the time of the year?

We will assemble resource lists and suggested reading for specific audiences or emergent topic areas for your consideration. Announcements and scheduling for the books and webinar series will be published through our monthly newsletter for Water Scholars members.

Questions about the Book Club? Email iowawatercenter@iastate.edu

Upcoming Books in 2021


Where the Water Goes: Life and Death Along the Colorado River – David Owen


Underland: A Deep Time Journey – Robert MacFarlane


The Unsettling of America – Wendell Berry


Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Kimmerer


The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy–Anna Clark

Past Book Club Sessions


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