Welcome to the Water Scholars Community

Established in 2019, the Water Scholars Water Resources Learning Community is a program for faculty, staff, and graduate students across Iowa to connect and participate in professional development programming tailored specifically for water resources researchers.

The program is free to join and includes the following activities throughout the year:

  • Spring professional development programming with guest presenters and leading experts in Iowa water policy, science communication, and team building
  • Networking opportunities for interdisciplinary faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • A Book Club that serves as a venue to discuss emergent water related topics in popular press and public discourse
  • Annual research symposium to convene research and research administrators to address emergent topics in water
  • Monthly newsletters tailored for research related faculty and staff that include grant opportunities, notification of regional and national conferences, and other resources for researchers
  • Participants in the program are listed in our Water Scholars Directory for the public to access to serve as a resource for potential project collaborators among water scientists, interview/subject matter expert requests for media, and connections to researchers for community members and educators.

Learning Community Topics:

Science communication to the public and policymakers
Building competitive, diverse research teams
Grant writing
Arts and the environment

Spring 2021 Schedule

January: Legislative Panel on Natural Resources
  • Sen. Rob Hogg
  • Sen. Annette Sweeney
  • Rep. Sharon Steckman
  • Rep. John Wills
February: Science Communication
  • Dara Wald, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
March: How to work with the Media
  • Ty Rushing, Managing Editor, N’West Iowa Review
April: Arts and the Environment
  • Mary Skopec, Executive Director, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
May: TBD

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