HABs/Algae 101 Webinar

Join Michigan Sea Grant and partners for a FREE webinar all about algae, the tiny living things at the foundation of aquatic food webs. Learn about algae’s vital role in aquatic ecosystems and get to know cladophora, didymo, and other types of algae that cause problems.

Topic speakers will include:
Algal Ecology: Julianne Heinlein, Great Lakes Environmental Center
Cladophora/Green algae: Marcella Domka, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Didymo: Jordyn Stoll, Trout Unlimited
Golden brown algae: R. Jan Stevenson, MSU (retired)

Algal Bloom Action Team Webinar: Cyanobacteria in the Context of Climate Change

This webinar focuses on cyanobacteria in the context of global climate change, including nitrate, reduced ice cover, and increased temperatures and light. Tune in to learn about the work of Rebecca North, Associate Professor at the University of Missouri’s School of Natural Resources and Silvia Newell, Director of Michigan Sea Grant and Professor at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability.

A New Look At An Old Way to Fix Broken Lakes

This Midwest Greater Lakes Partnership presentation will illustrate the need for a more robust lake scientific study design that accurately quantifies glacial lake health as the first step in lake restoration, which is a team sport.

Jerry Sweeten, Senior Restoration Ecologist — Ecosystems Connections Institute, LLC, will present examples where nutrient and sediment monitoring were conducted to prioritize tributaries for restoration. Leveraging these data have helped to designate the lake in the National Water Quality Initiative and direct increased funding to on-the-ground conservation.

Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Prairie Planting Success

In the webinar, “Planning and Planting Prairie: Research and On-farm Experience,” Jackson will draw on the results of field experiments and on-farm studies conducted in collaboration with co-authors Justin Meissen, research and restoration program manager, and Andy Olson, prairie on farms program manager at the Tallgrass Prairie Center, to discuss results of testing for successful seed mix design, planting date, first year mowing and seeding depth effects on the success of prairie plantings.

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Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Benefiting Farm Income and Ecosystems through Perennial and Winter Cover Crops

In the webinar, “Perennial and Winter Annual Crops for Economic and Environmental Benefit,” Leavitt will showcase the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota and offer insights into this unique breeding and commercialization platform that develops continuous living cover crops.

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Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Deploying Large-scale Green Infrastructure Projects Requires Public-Private Collaboration

The Oct. 11 presentation by Craig Clarkson of ISG, Inc. will discuss the importance of public-private partnerships in implementing green infrastructure as an integral part of urban development.

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