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John Tyndall

John Tyndall
POSITION/TITLE: Associate Professor
ORGANIZATION: Iowa State University
PHONE: 515-294-4912

John Tyndall is an associate professor of natural resource economics at Iowa State University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in resource economics, agroecosystem analysis, and forest management as part of the Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management and the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture. John’s research and that of the students in his lab weaves economic and social analysis into trans-disciplinary work examining the capacity of agriculturally dominated landscapes to produce broader arrays of ecosystem and hydrologic services while maintaining economic viability at field, farm, and regional scales. Working with talented students and colleagues, John’s research has been expanding into integrated financial and spatial modeling so as to create innovative decision support tools for conservation planners and farmers alike. John lives in Ames, Iowa with his wife and two kids.

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