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Carmen Gomes

Carmen Gomes
POSITION/TITLE: Associate Professor
ORGANIZATION: Iowa State University
PHONE: 515-294-1138
Topic Area(s):Agriculture

Dr. Carmen Gomes is an Associate Professor at Mechanical Engineering and Associate Director of the Virtual Reality Applications Center. Dr. Gomes’s background is in food process engineering. Dr. Gomes’s laboratory focuses on both fundamental and more immediately applied research in functional delivery systems and biosensors in the areas of food safety, shelf-life extension of food products, nutrient bioavailability, and agricultural applications. Dr. Gomes’s overall research emphasis is to design novel nanoscale materials using biopolymers. The study of stimuli-responsive biopolymer nanostructures is of particular interest. These stimuli-responsive nanostructures have been investigated in food safety applications as delivery systems of active compounds and as platforms for foodborne pathogen detection (biosensors). Dr. Gomes enjoys cooking, audible books and practicing yoga on her spare time.

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