Laura Merrick

Recent retirement as faculty member in the ISU Agronomy Department. Currently non-degree graduate student at the University of Iowa focused on environmental and public health in relation to water quality, community engagement, and coalition building within local watersheds. Interim Chair of Ioway Creek Watershed Coalition, a 20+ year old citizen-science water quality monitoring group in central Iowa.

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Antonio Mallarino


Dr. Antonio Mallarino is Professor of Agronomy, Nutrient Management Research and Extension Specialist, at Iowa State University. His research and outreach efforts focus on cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally sound nutrient management practices for Iowa cropping systems. Emphasis is on fertilizer and manure management, soil and plant tissue testing, use of precision agriculture technologies, and minimizing phosphorus management impacts on water quality. He contributed to the development of the Iowa Phosphorus Index, contributes to the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy science team, and represents Iowa State University at the USDA/NIFA committees North Central Extension and Research (NCERA-13) and Minimizing Phosphorus Losses from Agriculture (SERA-17). He began his professional career at the University of Uruguay and joined the Iowa State University faculty in 1993. 

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Corey Markfort

Corey Markfort is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa. He is also Faculty Research Engineer and head of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Renewable Energy (EFRE) Laboratory at IIHR – Hydroscience & Engineering. His research focus is on improving measurement and prediction of environmental boundary-layers, with applications to air and water resource sustainability, land-atmosphere and air-water interactions, and renewable energy.

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Jason Vogelgesang

Jason Vogelgesang is a geophysicist with the Iowa Geological Survey, which is affiliated with IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering at the University of Iowa. My research interests include electrical geophysical methods, groundwater availability and sustainability, and ground and surface water interactions.

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Kay Stefanik

Kay Stefanik is the Assistant Director of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center. Her expertise is in wetland ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry. She has studied gaseous carbon cycling and vegetation succession in created and restored wetlands, as well as nitrogen and phosphorus transport through watersheds in the Ohio River Basin.

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Brian Gelder

Brian Gelder is a central Iowa farm boy who went to college and never left. He accomplished a MS stint in Colorado researching reservoir water quality models and returned to Iowa State for a PhD in erosion modeling, to farm part time with his father, and raise his own family, all while still finding time to bike and canoe.

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Breanna Marmur

Bree Marmur is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management where her research focuses on urban stormwater management and green infrastructure. Investigating both the effectiveness of small-scale stormwater best management practices and factors that encourage homeowner engagement in stormwater management, Bree spends her time in the field monitoring and sampling stormwater, out talking with urban homeowners about stormwater management, and at the computer working on hydrologic models. Bree’s background, with an MS in mechanical engineering and a BA in physics, allows her to bring a unique engineering perspective to natural resource management. Bree lives in Ames with her partner, a fellow ISU Ph.D. student, and their dog, Doc.

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