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Rusty Crayfish Invasion Status and Potential Impacts
YEAR: 2022
INVESTIGATORS: Michael Weber, Michael Moore

The invasive Rusty Crayfish has caused tremendous ecological and
economic damage in glacial lakes in the Upper Midwest. Its range has recently expanded south
to shallow-eutrophic lakes of the Upper Mississippi Basin. The first lake-dwelling population in
Iowa was recently discovered in Storm Lake, Iowa, but little is known about the relative
abundance, distribution of Rusty Crayfish within Storm Lake or surrounding natural lakes, or
how its introduction will affect water quality populations of aquatic flora and fauna. Therefore,
we propose a project to assess the distribution and habitat and biotic associations of Rusty
Crayfish within Storm Lake and other shallow eutrophic lakes within southern portions of the
Upper Mississippi River Basin. This research will inform vulnerability assessments for early
detection and management of the species.