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Welcome to the new Iowa Water Center Website

Welcome to the new Iowa Water Center Website

We are so excited to welcome you to the new website for the Iowa Water Center. This new home for IWC content was developed around our mission to advance water science to meet Iowa’s water resource needs. We invite you to explore the numerous resources and IWC initiatives that include signature Center programs as well as key partnership-based programs that impact water resource management in the state.

Research guides everything we do at the Iowa Water Center. Our website now features a database of IWC sponsored research that addresses local water resource issues in Iowa and emergent issues of regional importance. We hope this serves as a resource for you to not only be aware of the diverse range of research the Iowa Water Center supports, but also serves as a way for you to get to know the scientists who are exploring these ideas and addressing emergent water issues across the state.

Outreach and education are critical for water resources. We invite you to check out our Water Scholars Directory of scientists and researchers who are affiliated with our programs. This directory is intended as a resource for potential project collaborators among water scientists, interview/subject matter expert requests for media, and connections to researchers for community members and educators.

Partnerships and collaboration are the foundation for capacity building. Our website now enables you to explore our partnership efforts that address science and technology transfer for programs that include the Daily Erosion Project, the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework, Water Scholars, the Iowa Water Conference, and more. We seek to provide accessible venues for stakeholders to connect, communicate their science, and train the next generation of scientists.

It is important to thank those who made the site possible, especially Melissa Miller who led site development over the summer and envisioned a new site for years that captures IWC’s mission and vision for water resources. Thank you to Model Farm for designing the website and providing excellent customer service. Another special thank you to Sarah Feehan who co-led this project over the summer and to our student hourly staff.

Hanna Bates

Acting Assistant Director

Iowa Water Center


Rick Cruse


Iowa Water Center


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