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A Serious Game on Flood Mitigation for K-12 and Public Education
YEAR: 2021
INVESTIGATORS: Bekir Demiray, Ibrahim Demir

This project aims to create a web-based serious game geared towards educating K-12 and college students, and public on flood prevention and mitigation strategies, such that they are more informed about the implications of future flooding events. A web-based interactive gaming environment will be designed and implemented that allows players to experiment with different flood mitigation strategies for a real-world location of their choice. As part of the gameplay, the user will be presented with a community under risk of flooding, and various mitigation and preparedness actions. The users will face challenges in decision-making and will evaluate trade-offs in terms of assignment of monetary resources with respect to societal gain. Once decisions are finalized, a realistic flood event will be generated and visualized so that the player can examine impacts on the community. In addition to visual inspection, the proposed game will allow interactive analysis of the economic damage and casualties. This immersive, repeatable, and engaging experience will allow K-12 students and the public to comprehend the consequences of individual measures, build a conceptual understanding of the needs and benefits of mitigation actions, and examine how floods may occur in their communities.