Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) is interested in publishing research
resulting from 104b and 104g grants in the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and
Education (JCWRE).

What is JCWRE?

The Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (JCWRE) disseminates
original, peer-reviewed articles and comprehensive reviews on applied research, policy,
education, and outreach/extension in water and watershed science and management,
with international scope and an emphasis on transdisciplinary approaches and
perspectives. JCWRE is published three times per year (April, August, and December) by
UCOWR and is available in electronic form on Wiley Online Library where it can be
downloaded by researchers, educators, and policy-makers around the world.


JCWRE publishes articles in five categories: Original Research, Case Study, Review,
Research Note, and Perspective Piece. Research from 104b and 104g grants may fall under
multiple categories, with Research Note perhaps the most common. Research Notes
provide brief research communications, shorter than an Original Research article, and
limited in scope. This includes reports on preliminary data that may have a significant
impact in the author’s field or updates to previously published data. If enough interest is
generated, JCWRE could publish a themed issue dedicated to these research grants.

Submission Deadlines

Manuscripts may be submitted at any time. Manuscripts should be submitted by October
15 to be considered for the April issue; February 15 to be considered for the August issue;
and June 15 to be considered for the December issue. If accepted before the entire issue
is published, the article will be published as a sneak peek on our website.

More information about JCWRE, including author guidelines, can be found at

Please contact Karl Williard and/or Jackie Crim, Co-Editors of JCWRE, with any questions.