Program Objectives: In 1990, the State of Iowa funded and the Board of Regents approved the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research. The Center awards small grants for pilot studies on global change, climate effects, and regional environmental research related to global environmental problems. The primary goal of the Center is to evaluate the effects and interactions of global change on earth surface processes and people at both the global and the regional scale, including Iowa’s Midwestern agricultural setting.

Who May Apply: Support for Center funds will be awarded to members of the Center scientific faculty, to other faculty in collaboration with Center faculty, and to other meritorious research projects. If not a CGRER member, the project PI will be expected to pursue Center membership upon awarding if they have not already done so. These State funds are restricted to higher education (Colleges and Universities within Iowa) and to projects that are central to the objectives of the Center. PIs who have been funded under this seed grant program during the last three funding cycles (2018, 2019, or 2020) are NOT eligible to apply in the 2021 cycle. We encourage new members and young investigators to apply, as well as applications that address climate and environmental change under disruptive events like pandemic and derecho.

Application Mechanism: Investigators should submit a short proposal (6 pages text maximum, using a font size equivalent to 12 point Times and margins of at least 1”). The proposal should include the following sections:

  1. Cover Sheet – listing – Title of Proposal, PI, Affiliation, e-mail address, amount requested, and list of reviewers (not counted in 6-page limit).
  2. Executive Summary (not to exceed 150 words)
  3. Brief Description of Aims
  4. Perceived value and importance of proposed project.
  5. Project Description – should clearly state the expected results (products and end points) and how these relate to the larger goals of the investigator’s program
  6. Overview of Methods
  7. Future Funding – concrete plans for obtaining additional support in the future (or matching funds) from regional or national funding agencies or appropriate foundations, etc.
  8. Time Frame to meet the objectives of the proposal and other support requests
  9. Outreach Plan – 1 paragraph describing your plan for outreach and education related to this research is required.
  10. References (not counted in 6-page limit)
  11. Budget with Justifications (not counted in 6-page limit)
  12. 2-page resume of principal investigator(s) (not counted in 6-page limit)
  13. Appendix Material – this should only be provided in unique circumstances. Reprints are usually not appropriate.
  14. List on the cover sheet five people from CGRER member institutions within Iowa, including three individuals from The University of Iowa, who are qualified and could provide an independent review of this proposal. Please include each reviewer’s name, school and department, and e-mail address.

Funds may be used to support Graduate Research Assistants, other support personnel, and for the purchase of supplies and equipment excluding computing and facilities equipment. No faculty salary financial support will be allowed. Travel necessary to the conduct of the study and for reporting results in national and state meetings will be allowed.

Application Deadline: Deadline for submission of proposals to the Seed Grant Program is January 25, 2021. Submit your proposal electronically by sending a Word or PDF document to – Awards will be announced in March, 2021.

Funding: Awards up to a maximum of $30,000 will cover a one year period. Direct costs only are allowed. A lump sum award will be made to the appropriate Department within the College or University with whom the Principal Investigator is affiliated. We anticipate making total awards of $150,000.

Peer Review Process: Each submitted proposal will be reviewed by up to five of your suggested reviewers and by a member of the CGRER Executive Committee from related fields. The Peer Review Panel will review proposals and assign an overall priority score based on the following criteria (where applicable):
• Scientific validity
• Importance/relevance to the goals of the Center
• Potential for further grant support
• Project efficiency; optimal use of existing laboratory or other research facilities
• Justification of budget items.

Final decisions will be subject to the advice of the Executive Committee and relevance to the Center’s goals.

Reporting Requirements: A final report (not to exceed 5 pages) is required of all funded projects. Final reports should include a description of the study aims, methods, results and a brief discussion of the significance of the study. Copies of any peer-reviewed publications should also be forwarded to the Center. A short discussion of future funding avenues and plans should be included.

Center Recognition: Publications from the Seed Grant Program are required to recognize the whole or partial support of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.

Renewal: Seed grants will not be renewed.

Date of Award: July 1, 2021       Project Period: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Additional Information; Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Amy Parker, Research Support Coordinator ( ), CGRER, 424 Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242. Phone: (319) 335-3332; FAX: (319) 335-3337.