The RRWA will offer a research grant for the 2022 field research season to support research projects concerning life, water quality, physical processes, or other relevant topics in the Raccoon River watershed. The RRWA Research Committee will accept proposals for funding that are submitted by January 21, 2022. The RRWA Research Committee will announce the grant recipient(s) on February 18. Funds will be awarded to the recipient of the grant prior to research being conducted. Please see below for the grant recipient criteria and expectations. The amount of funding that will be given to the successful applicant for a research project in the Raccoon Rivers Watershed will be up to $2,500.

The criteria and expectations for the 2022 grant recipient are as follows:

  • The applicant can be either: 1) a university student or graduate student, supervised by a university instructor or professor, 2) a high school student, supervised by either a high school teacher or university professor, or 3) a high school teacher or college professor looking to conduct research with students during the upcoming school year.
  • The applicant must design and conduct original research in the Raccoon River watershed and/or the immediate surrounding area.
  • A summary report of the findings must be submitted to the RRWA Research Committee by March 1, 2023.
  • The recipient is also expected to present their findings at the “Life in the Raccoon” conference, to be held during the spring or summer of 2023. An oral presentation is preferred, but a poster presentation can also be given.
  • The recipient also agrees to have their research promoted on the RRWA website including potentially a short video of them describing their work.

The RRWA will enter into a 3-year embargo on the public release of data if a request is made with, or before, the written report is submitted by March 1, 2023 for the sole purpose of publishing the data in a peer-reviewed publication. The embargo applies solely to the release of raw data—the RRWA reserves the right to publish conclusions drawn from the analysis that are reported in the written report or presentation at the annual conference.

View the application form here.

The Raccoon River Watershed Association, RRWA, is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.