Abstract Submission: February 15, 2021

The conference planning committee is pleased to invite abstract submissions for the 2021 UCOWR/NIWR (Virtual) Water Resources Conference. Gaps in projected water supply and demand, declining water quality, increased food and energy needs, and a changing climate highlight the numerous water challenges facing society and water resources professionals. UCOWR and NIWR invite you to join leading researchers, educators, water managers, students, and other professionals from across the country and world to join the dialogue as we seek to develop solutions to complex water resources challenges and explore bridges between science and policy. We call your attention to a special focus on Water and Social-Environmental Justice and especially encourage abstracts on this timely and critical topic.

Abstracts (300 words max) for oral, poster, panel, lightning, and participatory presentations should be submitted electronically. If accepted and presented, abstracts will be published as part of the Conference Proceedings. For this virtual conference, prerecorded talks will be requested by May 28, 2021.

Presentations are invited on these and other water-related topics:

  • Water Resources Management under Climate & Environmental Change
  • Water & Social-Environmental Justice
  • Science Communication
  • Sustainable Irrigation
  • Water Conservation
  • Agricultural Drainage
  • Tribal Water Issues
  • Water & Health Connections
  • Water Quality
  • Impacts of Land Use Change on Water
  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Harmful Algal Blooms
  • Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Forests & Water
  • Watershed Restoration Strategies
  • Hydrologic Connectivity
  • Drought
  • Water Education
  • Water Outreach
  • Groundwater Management
  • Drinking Water Equity
  • Water Resources Policy
  • Water Law
  • Water Economics
  • Transboundary Water Issues
  • Water Diplomacy
  • Water Governance
  • Urban Water Management
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Water Treatment
  • International Water Issues
  • Coastal Issues
  • Water Sensors
  • Hydrologic Modeling
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS

You can submit your abstract here.

For more information, contact:

Karl Williard, Executive Director, williard@siu.edu or

Melissa May, Administrative Assistant, ucowr@siu.edu