Yes, Lake LaVerne on the south edge of central campus looks greener than normal for this time of year. Every summer, algae and aquatic plants grow in the shallow lake, and normally, campus services staff in facilities planning and management (FPM) treat the lake to reduce algae growth. Periodically, they even remove some algae. This summer, as part of a study, the lake has not been treated, said Chris Strawhacker, campus planner and manager of the project.

With assistance from faculty in several departments and consultants from Shive Hattery and Stantec, FPM is conducting a study of the lake that will map water and sediment depths and analyze nutrients in lake water samples throughout the spring and summer. During this study, the lake is not being disturbed or treated. The results of the study are expected by December and will be used to determine priorities for improving and maintaining the lake.

While it’s not scenic now, Strawhacker said the lake’s plant and algae growth will decline naturally this fall as temperatures and sunlight intensity decrease.