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A New Look At An Old Way to Fix Broken Lakes

This Midwest Greater Lakes Partnership presentation will illustrate the need for a more robust lake scientific study design that accurately quantifies glacial lake health as the first step in lake restoration, which is a team sport. Jerry Sweeten, Senior Restoration Ecologist — Ecosystems Connections Institute, LLC, will present examples where nutrient and sediment monitoring were […]


Virtual Field Day – A New Direction in Cover Crops: Developing Perennial Ground Cover for Corn Systems in the Midwest

Join Iowa Learning Farms, the Iowa Nutrient Research Center (INRC), and Conservation Learning Group (CLG), for a FREE virtual field day. The discussion will include D. Raj Raman, Morrill Professor of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, and Daniel Andersen, Associate Professor of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University. RegenPGC stands […]


Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Preventative Treatment & Adaptive Management

This first webinar in the 2024 Great Lakes HABs Collaborative series will focus on preventative treatment and adaptive management of HABs with field case studies. The presentation will feature the following speakers Dr. Alyssa Calomeni-Eck, Research Biologist, US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC Dr. Ciera Kinley-Baird, Aquatic Ecotoxicologist, Aquatic Control, Inc. They will discuss cutting-edge […]


2024 Conservation Drainage Network Annual Meeting

Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel Westerville, OH, United States

This is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about conservation drainage. Targeted Outcomes: Raise awareness of the importance of agricultural water management to farm profitability, local, regional, and national initiatives to advance soil health, water quality, watershed restoration, risk reduction and climate resiliency goals. Strengthen understanding of drivers for practice implementation and identify impediments to […]

Webinar: Phosphorus Management and Water Quality

Managing phosphorus to both meet crop needs and reduce P loss from agricultural fields is critical to managing water resources. This edition of The Current webinar will focus on P management and water quality – the latest research on P transport modeling and a review of ag BMPs and their efficacy for reducing P loss. […]


Focus on the Future Series – April 10

1306 Elings Hall, 605 Bissell Road, Ames, Iowa , United States

The Iowa Nutrient Research Center continues its spring 2024 seminar series, Focus on the Future. Join current and recent graduate students as they discuss their studies and their experiences as early career researchers. The April 10th presentation will feature the following topics and speakers: Improving understanding of “corn yield drag” after cereal rye cover crop […]


Great Lakes HABs Collaborative April Webinar.

This episode will focus on Harmful Algal Bloom Interception, Treatment, And Transformation System (HABITATS). The speaker is Dr. Martin Page, Operational Water Research Team Leader, US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC. The webinar will last 60 minutes with a facilitated Q&A to follow the speaker.

North Central Climate Collaborative (NC3) Webinar

Applying social sciences in the development of climate-smart agriculture In efforts to understand and advance agricultural practices that promote climate resilience, ag organizations and advisors face several challenges in facilitating the adoption of these practices. Social science research has honed in on these issues, developing nuanced frameworks for exploring these challenges and barriers. In this […]

Public Radio’s ‘Science Friday’

Scheman Building Ames, IA, United States

National Public Radio's "Science Friday," hosted by Ira Flatow, will be broadcasting from Iowa State University on Saturday, May 4, and will feature ISU researchers. The first topic will be climate change. As climate change continues to have a larger effect on how agriculture works, how are the experts on the ground preparing for the future? Iowa […]

Focus on the Future – May 8th

The Iowa Nutrient Research Center continues its spring 2024 seminar series, Focus on the Future. Join current and recent graduate students as they discuss their studies and their experiences as early career researchers. On May 8th, the seminar topics are: 1) Evaluating Wildlife Responses to Working Land and Water Conservation  Presenter: Michael Rohde, Department of Natural […]

Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Understanding and Improving Farmers’ Edge-of-Field Perceptions

The Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) conservation webinar taking place May 8 at noon CT will feature Wendong Zhang, Ph.D., extension economist and assistant professor in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Zhang’s research focuses on issues related to the interplay between agriculture and the environment, the U.S. farmland market, as well as the global […]


Discovering a Potential Treatment for Health Effects of Algal Toxin Exposure

Microcystins are some of the most abundant and potent harmful algal bloom toxins and have emerged as a public health concern due to the potential to cause severe organ injury including liver damage. While currently there are no targeted therapies to protect against microcystin exposure, previous research found that naturally occurring bacteria from Lake Erie […]