H2 in the KnOw: IWC joins the blogosphere

The Iowa Water Center has been around since 1964. Blogging has been around since 1994. Twenty years is a long time for the two to have never met.

The staff at the Iowa Water Center is incredibly passionate about getting the word out about Iowa’s water – from research to practice, from policy to watershed management, from education to water careers. We value a science based approach to addressing Iowa’s water topics, and we are always looking for new ways to tell Iowa’s water story. Thus, the IWC blog, “H2 in the KnOw,” is born.

The goal of this blog is to spread the message of what’s happening in Iowa’s water world (and sometimes beyond). We reach out in a number of different ways already – our website, bi-monthly newsletter News Flow, Twitter, Facebook – but let’s face it, there is a lot going on with water, and we want this blog to  spark conversations, challenge our knowledge and fuel the excitement for water in ways that go beyond what we’re already doing.

With that, we invite you to join us. We’ll be publishing semi-weekly (maybe more, but never less), featuring some original content, offering insights to what others are doing, and giving guest bloggers an opportunity to share their take on Iowa water.

Thanks for having us, blogosphere.