The 2021 Iowa Water Conference

15th Annual Iowa Water Conference
Spring 2021
To protect the health of our water community, the 2021 Iowa Water Conference will be held in a virtual format. We are in the process of coordinating the virtual venue, which may impact the current date of the conference. We will still aim to hold the conference in the spring as close as we are able to the original date planned (April 6-7). 

We will be making announcements in the upcoming weeks regarding specific dates and the conference platform, and so we ask for your patience at this time. We welcome you to continue submitting abstracts for presentations and posters. 

If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Bates,

The Iowa Water Conference is IWC’s largest outreach and collaboration effort with a dozen planning partners.

The conference is designed to bring together multi-disciplinary organizations and institutions to discuss relevant water issues in Iowa. The inaugural event in 2006 combined several existing conferences with the purpose of coordinating research and management efforts. Today’s conference draws over 400 attendees and still strives to encompass the whole of Iowa’s water landscape including expanding into realms of education and outreach, conservation, policy and regulations.

Building Resilience for Water and People

In this new decade, Iowa has faced several unprecedented challenges that tested the resiliency and revealed the fragility of our economic and social systems. COVID-19 has strained public health resources and water infrastructure, a devastating derecho storm impacted millions of crop acres and blighted urban areas, and climate change and land use decisions are exacerbating flooding events in some areas of the state and causing severe drought in other areas. It is in these times that we can look to resilient systems that serve as testing grounds for innovation and model the ways we can adapt and refocus our vision of inclusive, resilient water resource management in Iowa.


A new era of water resource management is needed to meet our current challenges. We welcome you to be part of these timely discussions.

Registration information will be available in Winter at