H2 in the Kn0w has been running as a virtual news and editorial platform since 2014. The H2 in the Kn0w articles have touched on an array of water-related topics. These topics include student researchers’ projects, soil health, water quality, flooding, stormwater, mapping data, leadership within Iowa’s water-sector, and so much more.

H2 in the Kn0w’s purpose is to inform Iowans of the latest water-related news happening throughout the state. There are so many great things happening within Iowa’s water-sector and the Iowa Water Center uses the H2 in the Kn0w platform to dive deep into specific water-related topics.

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We’ve got something brewing over here at the Iowa Water Center, and we’re pretty excited about it. This year is the tenth

Our friends over at Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) and Water Rocks! (WR!) have a position open right now that you may want

At long last, the Iowa Water Center has released the request for proposals for the 2016 104(b) seed grant competition. Proposals are

We’ve been putting on the Iowa Water Conference in its current form for nearly a decade (2016 will be the 10th annual!).

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we headed down to Prairie Meadows in Altoona for the 2015 Iowa Soil and Water

Rocks in the River

The following is a piece written by Hank Kohler, originally published in the 2015 edition of Getting into Soil and Water, a

When we started this blog, we promised a post at least every other week – what do you mean, April 30th was

One of the three grant opportunities the Iowa Water Center (IWC) facilitates submissions for each year is Water Resources Competitive Grants Program,

With one week left to go, we are just about all set for the 2015 Iowa Water Conference! A little hiccup with

The 104(g) National Competitive Grants program is one of three grant programs administered annually by the Iowa Water Center in coordination with

We are SO CLOSE to opening registration for the 2015 Iowa Water Conference. To celebrate, we took all the titles of the

Guest post by John Gilbert of Gibralter Farms, an Iowa Century Farm raising dairy, pigs and crops in the South Fork [Iowa